Databases — Running multi-line scripts from command line

In a typical application using Database, it is natural all the changes for fixing bugs or new features are sent as SQL scripts. In most of the cases we have single line scripts (DDL / DML statements). But there are some scenarios we need to run multi-line scripts like creating and running some procedures / functions / triggers.

Avoid the syntax error

We cannot directly run them as a command line script as the semicolon (;) available separating lines in them are considered as end of lines and resulting in syntax error for SQL statement.

To overcome this we can temporarily change the terminal symbol from semicolon (;) to some thing else and reset it back to semicolon (;) later. For example, we can change it to hash (#) symbol and reset back to semicolon (;) with the script below.

set term #;

execute block (…)

set term ;#